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This section showcases the skills, ability, craftsmanship and dedication of the men and women of LU 400 who have installed more than 100 Megawatts of solar in Monmouth and Ocean Counties.  We are the area’s most qualified and trained electricians who for the last decade have been on the foreground of the solar industry.  We have invested 10’s of thousands of dollars into solar and safety training as well as countless hours to insure that the solar industry is held to the highest standards; guaranteeing that the customer receives the safest, most efficient and highest quality product.

There are two major reasons why Local 400 has been so successful on the front lines of the Solar industry.  The first being the quality of electrician we can provide to a project.  When working with Local 400, we are able to provide both Journeyman  Wiremen and Apprentices, who have the necessary experience to complete every facet of a solar project, from start to finish:

  • Installing of the racking system
  • Mounting of the solar panels
  • All components of the electrical wiring
  • Final connection with the utility company
The other major factor is our relationship with the leading solar institutes and energy providers.  These relationships have been built on years of successful project collaborations and have allowed us to successfully embrace both the residential and commercial market, giving us the ability to:

  • Offer the consumer 100%  financing
  • Ability to design and engineer entire projects
  • Obtain and adhere to the permitting requirements
  • Meet local jurisdictional laws and standards
  • Working relationship with state organization such as DEP and Pine Lands Commission
  • Provide a qualified workforce to meet all job aspects – design, build & maintain

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