Int. Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

Energy Management

Everyone has heard the terms “energy efficient”, “going green” or “energy management“ but what do these terms actually imply?  Quite simply, they all point to the same result; reducing our energy consumption.  This is achieved through gathering current energy usage information, implementing a strategy and executing a plan that will save energy usage in businesses, municipalities and homes.  IBEW Local 400 has begun to do our part in New Jersey to help achieve the global goal of becoming more ecologically friendly.  This has been accomplished by:

  1. Continuing to train our members on the latest install techniques and methods.  
  2. Staying up to date and educated on the cutting-edge products and standards.
  3. Most importantly the relationships we have built between energy management partners and our contractors. 
These steps are what have continued to allow the IBEW Local 400 to put the best trained, educated and safest workforce in New Jersey’s electrical industry.  As the world continues to change how we create and consume energy, Local 400 has adapted to these changes, looking ahead to the near future and beyond.

With the use of our workforce and the relationships we've created with Energy Corporations, we are able to offer complete energy audits, total financing and installation at no cost to our customers.  If you are interested in receiving an energy audit of your business or facility please contact IBEW Local 400 at  732-681-7111.