Int. Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

Wind Power

The world has always looked to harness the power of the wind in order achieve a goal.  In ancient times mariners would harness the wind in their sails in order to travel the globe.  Then came a time where windmills became the source of power for farmers to pump water and grind grains.  Now once again the world looks to harness the power of the wind in order to achieve a new goal; generating electricity.

Wind is a clean source of energy that similar to solar creates no air or water pollution. We have seen the growth of wind turbines in New Jersey to be a slow process due to the necessity of optimal conditions but, this hasn’t stopped our dedication to the training for the next form of alternative energy.  We have erected an 80ft tower on our property were we can simulate the rigors of having to climb the base of the turbines, practice different techniques for conduit runs and equipment installs.  Most importantly safety training:

  • How to work safely in confined space
  • How to  work safely in a elevated environment
  • How to access and manage an injury to someone: including repelling someone down from within the turbine
So, as the world looks to future alternate forms of energy, so does IBEW Local 400 and its members.  We continue to take the necessary steps in order to be prepared for what our industry holds.  Our constant training and education is what allows us to be leaders of the electrical industry, separating us from our competition.

If you are a Wind Developer or an Energy Partner looking for a workforce for a project your are currently involved in please contact IBEW Local 400 at 732-681-7111.